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Helping Patients Have More Good Days

Delivering comprehensive pharmacy care and peace of mind, for a service rated world class by patients


Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences

Satisfaction is an important healthcare measure. It tells us if we’re meeting patients’ expectations and can also influence clinical outcomes, patient compliance, patient loyalty, and even your organization’s quality measures.

At AnewHealth, we take patient satisfaction very seriously and consider it a leading indicator of quality of care and overall success.

We collect patient feedback annually and are delighted that patients consistently rate our service world-class based on Net Promoter Score (NPS) industry standards. Read the press release.

You want your patients to be healthy and happy. So do we.

Getting Feedback

Measuring the Patient Experience

We invite patients who receive services from ExactCare, a pharmacy by AnewHealth, to give feedback through an annual survey.

Since its inception in 2016, more than 30,000 patients have provided feedback through the survey. That’s an average response rate of 17%.

This survey helps us identify opportunities to enhance care and provides insight to clients on how their patients or members feel about the support they receive through our pharmacy solutions.


Achieving World-Class Patient Service Ratings

NPS (Net Promoter Score) measures overall satisfaction with a product or service. Since 2016, AnewHealth has leveraged this industry standard as a best practice to evaluate the patient experience.

Patients consistently rate our service world class, as defined by NPS, with an average +75 NPS.

NPS is measured on a scale from -100 to +100. Any score over zero is considered good. An NPS of +70 or higher demonstrates “world-class” service.


Enhancing Our Patient Experience

In addition to measuring NPS, our annual satisfaction survey provides insight that helps us gauge the overall patient experience.

94% of Patients Agree

Our program makes it easier to take their medication

92% of Patients Agree

Our services help them
stay healthy

95% of Patients Agree

Our delivery makes it easier to get medications*

*Measure aligned with the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan CAHPS questionnaire


A Simpler, Safer Way to Manage Medication

I have recommended ExactCare [a pharmacy by AnewHealth] to all my friends and family. Having all my medications packed and dated assures accuracy in taking my medication. This prevents any accidental duplication and consequent side-effects, so it is much safer! It saves time. Before ExactCare, I had to go to the pharmacy several times a month and the medication was not coordinated.”

– A patient from ExactCare, a pharmacy by AnewHealth