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Expanding Access to Comprehensive Pharmacy Care at Home

Over 40 million Americans served by Medicare and Medicaid meet clinical eligibility standards for accessing enhanced pharmacy services to keep them healthier and at home


Matching Patient Need to Level of Pharmacy Care

For people with chronic conditions, comprehensive pharmacy services are integral to health and well-being. They help optimize medication therapies, reducing adverse drug events, ER visits, hospital admissions, and overall healthcare costs.

For many people with complex needs, accessing this comprehensive level of pharmacy care at home and in community care settings can be a challenge. Many patients can face higher out-of-pocket costs that create barriers to access, putting patients at greater risk of medication-related complications.


Increasing Access to Home-Based LTC Pharmacy

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The Alliance for Long-Term Care Pharmacy @ Home was established to expand access to high-quality LTC pharmacy services for home- and community-based patients with complex medical needs. It focuses on advocating to update current policy so pharmacies can meet patients where they are and help them safely age in place.

AnewHealth, through ExactCare and the former Tabula Rasa HealthCare, has been integral in developing the Alliance, which officially launched in Spring 2023. The organization is proud to support complex patient populations in receiving the care they need to live healthier at home.

We are committed to supporting the Alliance and its work to improve access to home-based pharmacy services. In optimizing pharmacy care for patients with chronic medical needs. It not only reduces their risk of medication-related complications, it enhances their quality of life.

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