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Support for Health Plans

Managing members with complex, chronic care needs yields a unique set of challenges. Members need extra support to thrive, while you need to balance outcomes and cost. Medications can bridge this gap.

Providing members access to comprehensive pharmacy care at home can lead to better health outcomes, improved quality measures, and significant total cost of care savings. 

AnewHealth provides medication management and pharmacy care solutions designed to help Medicare, Medicaid and Dual-eligible plans do just that. 

Services and Solutions

Medication Management and Pharmacy Care Solutions

Comprehensive pharmacy care designed to help members with complex, chronic medical needs achieve better health, keeping them out of the hospital and at home

Clinical pharmacy services include medication reconciliation and synchronization, monthly medication reviews for safety, comprehensive medication reviews, and more

Monthly medication fulfillment, multi-dose adherence packaging, and national delivery

Science-based technology available to support personalized medication optimization through a comprehensive, multi-drug analysis to identify and address potential health risks

Our programs are often designed in partnership with case management teams or those responsible for quality measures, like HEDIS and Medicare Star Ratings


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Benefits to Members

  • An easier, more convenient way to manage complicated medication routines
  • Proactive prevention of potential adverse drug events
  • Improved medication adherence 
  • Safer, more effective medication therapy
  • Better overall health and quality of life
  • Superior satisfaction, demonstrated based on industry standards
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Benefits to Health Plans

  • Decreased facility admissions and length of stays
  • Demonstrated adherence improvements as measured by health plan quality standards
  • Lower Medicare A/B spend for high-risk Medicare FFS beneficiaries 
  • Lower all-cause mortality rates for high-risk populations
  • Significant total cost of care savings, ranging up to $4,740 annually per member for higher acuity levels

AnewHealth partners with dozens of Medicare, Medicaid and Dual-eligible plans.

For more information on how we partner with health plans, visit the ExactCare website.

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