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Anew Level of Pharmacy Care

Better Healthcare Outcomes for Providers and Payers. Better Quality of Life for Patients.

Decades of Experience

Medication Experts for People with Complex Medical Needs

AnewHealth was established in 2023 through the combination of ExactCare Pharmacy and Tabula Rasa Healthcare.

We are medication experts, delivering an unparalleled combination of integrated clinical pharmacy and technology solutions that optimize care and outcomes for people with the most complex, chronic care needs and the healthcare organizations that care for them.

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Proven Results

Transforming Healthcare Outcomes

AnewHealth provides solutions that optimize medication therapy and make it easier for patients to take medications as prescribed, while helping healthcare organizations achieve better clinical and cost outcomes.


Risk-bearing, primary care, specialty, and home health providers


Long-standing partnerships with PACE organizations nationwide.

  • Proven increases in patient adherence
  • 10% reduction in annual hospital admissions
  • Cost savings over $5,000 per participant annually
  • Enhanced quality of life and overall participant satisfaction

Health Plans

Medicare, Medicaid, Dual-Eligible, SNP, and MLTSS plans

  • 5-Star performance for adherence, based on PDC
  • Fewer admissions and readmissions
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Savings up to $4,000+ per member per month
  • +75 NPS for health plan members in 2023


For people with multiple chronic conditions, medications, and doctors

  • An easier way to stay on track with medication
  • Less medication-related risks
  • Fewer admissions and readmissions
  • Greater independence
  • Better overall health and quality of life

The Market Leader

A Trusted Pharmacy Care Provider

AnewHealth is a national medication management and pharmacy care provider. More than 100,000 people nationwide with complex, chronic needs trust us to help them with their medications, through transitions of care and in the comfort of their own homes.

We are licensed with the Board of Pharmacy in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

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A Healthcare Technology Disruptor

Our proprietary MedWise® technology enhances the delivery of pharmacy care by personalizing medication optimization. This proven approach is anchored in a comprehensive multi-drug analysis of a patient’s medication profile to identify health risks, provide data-driven insights to clinicians at the point of care, and enable proactive mitigation of adverse drug events and negative health outcomes.

This technology is unparalleled, providing a science-based way to operationalize medication safety reviews beyond a one-to-one analysis, for better results.

Customized Solutions

A Leading Pharmacy Benefit Manager

AnewHealth has more than 20 years of experience providing full-service pharmacy benefits throughout the United States for commercial plans and government programs, including PACE.

Clients benefit from customized pharmacy network solutions and a national network of 64,000+ pharmacies.

Learn more about our PBM, Pharmastar.

Superior Satisfaction

Enhancing the Patient Experience

We understand that patient health, safety and satisfaction is your top priority. Patients who receive care from AnewHealth pharmacy services rank our service world-class according to Net Promoter Score (NPS) industry standards.

For nearly a decade, we have consistently averaged +75 NPS through our annual patient satisfaction survey, which pulled in feedback from nearly 10,000 patients in 2023.

Delivering exceptional patient experiences is at the core of what we do. And often, patients attribute their satisfaction with our services back to clients for connecting them to an enhanced level of care.


Making a Positive Impact

“I have early-stage dementia, and this pharmacy helps me remember when to take my meds, each dose is prepared so I take the correct meds and the correct amount. I don’t need to worry about refills. ExactCare Pharmacy is wonderful!”

ExactCare Patient

“For us, the support is having the availability of the pharmacist to us at any given time. Our providers have been very fortunate to have them available for IDT meetings, fall meetings, and any kind of quality measures that we're at the time monitoring, CareKinesis has been there to provide that support to us during our one-third financial audit.”

CareKinesis PACE Partner

"I refer patients to ExactCare because nearly half of hospitalizations for the elderly are related to medication issues—either taking too much, too little, or nothing. ExactCare solves that problem. Their medication reconciliation gives peace of mind to our team.”

Home Health Clinician

“Your excellent prescriptions arrived perfectly and made it very easy never to miss my daily meds! Excellent!”

CareKinesis PACE Participant

“I had three strokes and ended up on many medications and too many for a pill box. I love how they come packaged for my different times of day. The people at ExactCare really care about customer service and I really appreciate that. Thank you so, so much. Keep it up.”

ExactCare Patient

“I recently referred a patient and now she’s able to take her medications as prescribed! She is now able to function better day-to-day and was able to cope better during the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s very happy to not have to travel in public to get her medications and feels much safer at home while on the ExactCare program.”

Health Plan Case Manager

“What I like most is the interaction with the pharmacist and the pharmacist being a part of our interdisciplinary team. I've learned so much from the pharmacist and CareKinesis in terms of how to better serve the population that's entrusted to my care. [CareKinesis] is a trusted partner with me in terms of how I provide that care, always have been.”

CareKinesis PACE Partner

"Pharmastar has been really helpful by keeping all of our B versus D, and D rates, and all of our information in check. Pharmastar has been helpful in making sure we're on track for when we have an audit that all of our ducks are in a row, keeping us on the forefront of any audit, and making sure that we're where we should be."

Pharmastar PBM Partner

"When we started our PACE program ten years ago, it was very important for us to use a partner that is aware of PACE World because we were going in to a PACE program not knowing all that is involved. We knew PACE was very specific pertaining to health care management, pertaining to long term care management. We wanted to really partner up with an organization who really knew PACE."

PACE Partner

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