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Support for PACE Programs

PACE programs are unique, offering services and support that enables participants to remain in their homes and communities for as long as possible. You’re a lifeline, and it’s important you have the strongest support services possible to help your participants thrive.

AnewHealth brings together decades of experience in PACE (including leaders who have worked directly in PACE!), to design and deliver expert clinical, technology and administrative solutions that accelerate the growth and success of your program.

Services and Solutions

Dedicated PACE Solutions to Optimize Program Performance

Expert consulting to explore, build and grow your PACE program

Medication safety management and pharmacy services from the industry’s first nationwide pharmacy dedicated to PACE

Full-service pharmacy benefits management

Medicare risk-adjustment consulting, HCC coding and auditing, and Part D services

EHR technology to improve efficiency and increase communication among departments across an organization

Back-end administrative support to optimize financial management and fulfill regulatory requirements for health plan functions


Shot of a senior man sitting alone at home and enjoying a cup of coffee

Benefits to Participants

  • An easier, more convenient way to manage complicated medication routines
  • Safer, more effective medication therapy
  • Better overall health and quality of life
  • Enhanced PACE services, with dollars you save available to reinvest in the program
A female doctor discusses with a senior male patient his prescription medication's dosage instructions and side effects. The doctor is showing the patient the label on the medication.

Benefits to PACE Organizations

  • Improved participant medication adherence
  • Fewer hospital and ED admissions
  • Enhanced participant satisfaction
  • Reduced medical expenditures
  • Support to remain in compliance and optimize revenue

AnewHealth has long-standing partnerships with PACE Organizations across the country.

For more information on how we partner with PACE organizations, visit our website.

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