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Risk-Bearing Providers

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Support for At-Risk Value-Based Providers

Physicians are challenged by the government and health plans to meet increasingly difficult cost and quality objectives for patients with chronic conditions. Medication-related issues are typically among the highest-priority problems, yet solutions are scarce.

AnewHealth offers the solution: comprehensive pharmacy care to help patients with complex, chronic needs stay healthier, out of the hospital and at home. Our expert pharmacists, national dispensing capabilities, proprietary technology, and data-driven approach ensure optimal therapeutic value and effective medication management, supporting physicians and their teams to meet their value-based goals.

Services and Solutions

Comprehensive Pharmacy Care Supported by Expert Providers and Advanced Data Insights

Comprehensive Pharmacy Care: Helps members with chronic medical needs achieve better health.

Powerful Technology Tools: Deliver simultaneous, multi-drug reviews to identify and mitigate medication-related risks by focusing on patients who need outreach the most.

Optimized Therapeutic Value: Ensures appropriate medication administration times avoiding drug interactions and waste.

Effective Medication Alert Management: Embeds clinical alerts seamlessly into provider workflows.

Continuous Health Monitoring: Quickly detects patient deteriorations, allowing providers to focus on high-quality care.

Clinical Pharmacy Services: Includes medication reconciliation, synchronization, and comprehensive medication reviews.

Monthly Medication Fulfillment: Provides multi-dose adherence packaging and national delivery.

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Benefits to Patients

  • An easier, more convenient way to manage complicated medication routines
  • Safer, more effective medication therapy
  • Personalized care plans
  • Convenient medication management
  • Better overall health and quality of life
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Benefits to At-Risk Providers

  • Optimized clinical workflows, enabling you to focus more on patient care
  • Improved decision-making with data driven insights and next-best action recommendations
  • Risk mitigation with advanced risk-scoring algorithms and predictive analytics
  • Operational efficiencies through continuous health monitoring and integrated care coordination for reduced administrative burdens
  • Enhanced quality metrics with program specific design to support the achievement of quality measures such as HEDIS and Medicare Star Ratings
  • Cost savings through optimized medication therapy and reduced unplanned healthcare utilization

AnewHealth helps at-risk providers improve quality and manage patient care.

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